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Accessing Student Card Office during Covid 19

Student Cards are available in the F Wing Athletics Office, located upstairs from the F-Wing entrance. Entry/exit location is limited to the F wing (main Health and Wellness door) only. 

Student Cards are available to every Sault College student, however campus access will only be granted to those enrolled in on-campus classes.


Before you get your card:

Students are required to show government-issued photo ID

All students must complete the following: (This requirement is mandatory regardless if you completed training last year, this training must be re-taken.)

Student Cards cannot be printed without these requirements


Student Card Office Hours:

Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm
Saturday - Sunday: Closed


For more information, please visit Sault College Covid 19 Updates


  Campus One Card

Your College ID Card (Student Card) is called the Campus One Card.  All full and part-time students (excluding Continuing Education, Contract Training, and Apprentice students) are entitled to a card each year.  (Continuing Education, Contract Training, and Apprentice students are eligible to receive a paper card issued by their department)

The Campus One Card is required for identification and security purposes.  It allows the cardholder to access:
   - Accounting Office
   - Student Financial Assistance Office (picking up OSAP)
   - Registrar's Office 
   - Health and Wellness Centre
   - Food services
   - Borrow library materials 
   - Use computer/science/aviation labs    

The Campus One Card identifies registered students of the College and should be carried at all times for use both inside and outside of the College.  The cardholder should retain this card in his/her possession at all times.  The Campus One Card is the property of Sault College and the College reserves the right to request submission of the Campus One Card from the cardholder at any time.

A replacement charge of $15.00 will be applied for a lost or stolen card.

Ron Doyle Library
Sault College
443 Northern Avenue
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
P6B 4J3
(705) 759-2554 ext. 2711

Off-Campus Access

To access the databases from off-campus:

  • Select your database
  • Login using your student number
    (Username) and PIN (Password)


Don't know your PIN?
PINs are emailed to Sault College accounts on the 6th of every month.
Look for "Library Notice" from "Sirsi".
Or you can reset your PIN on your own.
Follow the instructions here: