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Individuals who would prefer to view our website with larger or smaller text can easily change the size by pressing the CTRL and + (plus) keys to zoom in or the CTRL and - (minus) keys to zoom out.

Key College Information

The Sault College Library is committed to providing students and staff with equitable access to all of its collections and services.   Anyone with individual needs is encouraged to ask for assistance from Library staff.

This page details resources the library has to offer. For college resources, please see the following:

Accessibility Services Office

Phone:(705) 759-2554 Ext. 2703
(705) 946-8619

The Accessibility Services Office serves as the office responsible for accessibility administration and for guiding students through the self identification and accommodations process.

Virtual Library Tour

Website Compliance

Ensuring that our webpage content is available to patrons with disabilities is very important to us.  Below are a few steps taken to make different aspect of the site accessible:

Text size: The ability to change text size is already built into modern web browers and our code is built to take advantage of that. By pressing Ctrl+ or Ctrl-(minus) on your keyboard, the browser text will get larger or smaller.

Alternate pages for screen readers: If you're using a screen reader, you'll have a link at the top of the page that will bring you to the alternate version. If you're not using a screen reader, you can click the Print Guide or Print Page links to get to the print version of the page which is the accessible version. Accessible versions of pages strip out a lot of the column/box formatting on each page in order for screen readers and their users to know/read/navigate what's on the page.

Adaptive technology: Standard pages have hidden links that can only be "seen" by those using adaptive technology and not standard browsers.

Image descriptions: Short descriptions of images are added using HTML output accessible-technologies, e.g. ALT tags.

Ron Doyle Library
Sault College
443 Northern Avenue
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
P6B 4J3
(705) 759-2554 ext. 2711

Want to access our eResources? Use your Sault College Microsoft login!

Sault College library now uses the same login as all other college systems. If you need help with your login, check out TeamDynamix Accounts & Access

And don't forget to set up a Self-Service Password Reset
This allows you to change your Sault College password from anywhere, at anytime, without having to talk to an IT Service Desk Technician.