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Copyright Basics for Teaching Online

Copyright Basics for Teaching Online

  1. Since the pandemic the Copyright Act has not changed so the legal concerns are the same, teaching online or in person:
    1. Please still follow fair dealing guidelines and chart below, including:
      1. Copying a short excerpt (less than 10% of the work, one image from an article)
  2. If what you are doing in class was permissible under the Copyright Act before the pandemic it is still permissible now
    1. Please remember to always cite your sources
    2. When using a film it is best to use a title from our many streaming video databases and cite the video
    3. You can use YouTube videos in class as long as you are taking from the original owner, the person or organization who posted it.  Here is a video explaining this.   As always, you must cite this too
    4. Use WeLearn (D2L) for all handouts/assignments as this is a password protected site owned by Sault College
    5. You can use slides provided by publishers for Professors of textbooks that students are required to purchase, remember to read the Terms of Use and follow those rules set out by each publisher (they vary by publisher)
    6. Use persistent links for Sault College Library articles/streaming videos/ebooks, here is a guide on how to find those persistent (or permanent) links

If you have questions on copyright please email Jason Bird, Manager, Library Services (

Copyright Guidelines

YouTube Videos in Class?

Special thanks goes to Jennifer Peters, Librarian, Seneca College Libraries, for creating and granting permission to her video "Can I Show YouTube Videos in My Class? 

If you have any questions, please contact Jason Bird, Library Manager at or 705-759-2554 ext. 2402.

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