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Films on Demand

  • Search for films from the Search box, Advanced Search screen or browse by subject or Producer via the “” button.

  • On the Results page both video segments as well as entire videos will display.  You will have the option to sort or share and once logged in you will be able to add to a folder/playlist.

  • Once a video has been selected, more options will display just below the video as well as on the right-hand side.  Closed-Captioning can be turned on or off from the CC icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the video and a persistent link to the video is available from the Share – Embed/Link buttons under the video. On the right, there are transcripts and a listing of segments that make up the entire video.


Sharing Videos

  • Persistent links to videos/segments are available from the Share – Embed/Link buttons just below the video for you to share/add to LMS.

Favourites, Playlists and Custom Segments:

In order to create/save to a Playlist/Favourites folder you must sign-in.  (You can sign-in from the “Your Profile” link at the top right-hand side of the screen, or from the “Segments” option associated with videos/segments)

  • Once signed-in, click the "Add to" link just below the video and decide whether you would like to add to a Playlist or Favourites folder.
  • If saving as a Favourite, highlight "Add to Existing Folder" and select the folder you would like to save to or, create the folder you would like to save to and name your video.

Playlists are customized videos (by you) that can consist of any combination of segments and/or full videos - from one video or multiple programs. (If adding segments be sure to highlight the proper one from the list)

  • If saving as a “Playlist”, highlight “Playlist”.  Select what you would like to add and add it to an existing playlist or create a new one.

Custom Segments
Custom Segments are sections of a video with a specific start and end time.

  • Custom Segments can be created from the “Segment” link below the video.
  • Cue the video to your desired starting point by entering a start and click the “Set Start Time” button and do the same for the end time.  Supply a Title and click the “Create Segment” link.  

  • Once a playlist has been created, it can be accessed (when logged in) from the "My Content" link within the “My Profile" button found at the top of the screen.

Please Note:  Persistent links added to PowerPoint must be from a “Playlist”.  If the link added to Power Point still does not work try logging into FOD first, then try the Power Point link.

Use the Search link to search for videos or, use the Browse link to discover categories of Discover link to access theses and the popular News in Review.

Curio landing page

  • Use the “Permalink” button just below the video to access persistent links.  Use the “Playlist” button to add the video to an existing playlist or create one. Please note: you must be logged in in order to add to playlists.

The secret path image

Playlists can be accessed from the "My Account" link at the top right of the screen once logged in.

National Film Board of Canada (NFB)

Why can’t I find a particular NFB title on the site?

  1. Rights – NFB may not have the rights to show the film online yet
  2. Digitization – NFB may not have converted the film into the correct format to play online yet
  3. Time – NFB may not have had enough time to get a title online

How do I share videos?

A variety of options are available just below the film’s synopsis.  To be able to add to D2L click on the </> (Embed) link.  Copy the link found between the first set of quotations or the regular URL.


Playlists and Clips

Playlists and custom chapters can be created once you are signed in with a personal account.  Click the + (Add to Playlist) button below and to the right of the film. Select an existing playlist or create a new one.  They will be stored on the left-hand tool bar once logged in.

Clips can be created by selecting the scissors (clips) icon below and to the right of the film. Select a start and end time, then name your clip and add a description and save.



Search for videos using the Search link or browse subjects or featured videos with the Browse link at the top of the page.

Once a video is selected the option to Play or Share the video will be available.


Once a video is selected the option to embed, add to a playlist or copy the persistent link will be made available just below the video.
Please note: in order to add to a playlist, you must be signed into a personal Jove account.

Searching the Catalogue for eVideos

Searching Page 1+:

  • Search within the Page 1+ search bar.
  • In the filters on the left-hand side, select "Resource Type", then "Video"

*DVDs will display from this filter however they will be denoted with a Location/Call Number below the item rather than show an "Available Online" link.

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