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Page 1+

Meet Page 1+: the new resource search tool from Sault College Library! 

Using Page 1+


The Page 1+ search box can be found on our homepage and every program guide. This is your access to everything that Page 1+ offers!

The Keyword Search bar is direct access to the basic search in Page 1+. This searches everything the library has, from physical books in our collection to all of our online resources.

Note: This does not include image databases, like Britannica Image Quest, or specialty databases, like ChiltonLibrary and Interactive Human Anatomy.

The logos at the top will bring you to the Page 1+ homepage, and the links below will bring you to specific search types

  • Advanced Search
  • Journals - this searches journal titles, not articles within them
  • Citation Search - this fetches articles based on citation information
  • What is Page 1+ - our information page on the new system 

These are the same options in the top menu of Page 1+, but you have one additional search option:

  • Browse Search - a virtual shelf browsing feature of both books and ebooks. This allows you to search a call number and see other items beside it.


The Page 1+ interface is designed to be simple to use, with help all along the way! The Green "Ask Us" button on the top left side is always there - this is the same LibChat that you're familiar with using on our website. While the library is open, it connects you directly to Sault College Library staff so we can help you with quick clarifications, in-depth answers and everything in-between. 



Starting off, the "Search anything" bar is a basic, keyword search. You can find the Advanced Search option to the right of the search bar, and other options in the top menu.



The Advance Search menu or Pull Down menu to the right of the search bar allows you to switch between different search scopes:

  • Everything: Sault College Library's electronic and physical resources
  • Library Catalogue: Sault College Library physical resources, ebooks, and streaming video
  • Articles: Sault College Library electronic resources
  • Course Reserves: items put on reserve by instructors for their programs - you can search by course name, course code, instructor name or resource title
  • Discovery Network Catalogue: Expanded catalogue of all 18 Ontario College Libraries participating in Page 1+

Build your search using chosen search terms and various search strategies.  See Database Search Strategies for more information on building effective search terms. 

Once you have built your search terms/statement, you can search by pressing "Enter" or the Magnifying Glassbutton. Your results page should look like the following:


The "Everything" search in Page 1+ will show you books, journals, articles, streaming videos, DVDs, equipment and more.

For this example, we will look at the record 3: the article New Core Curriculum for Urologic Nursing Released. (MEDSURG Minutes). You can click on the image or the title to be brought in the record. If you'd like to go right into looking at links, click the green "Available Online" link.



Records in Page 1+ are all formatted the same, regardless of material type, with the title and short information at the top, followed by the permalink (to the Page 1+ record), and then the "Get it" section. In this example, it says "View Online". If the record was a book or other physical material, it would say "Get it" and the location in the library to find the item (see the example below).

The bottom of an article record shows the details (Title, Publisher, Subjects, etc).


Clicking on any of the links in "View Online" will bring you to the article.


Physical item records are a bit different: as stated above, the "Get It" sections shows the item's location in the library. In this example, we're looking at The Two Towers



This shows the book in the Reading Room, with a call number of FIC TOL b (SF/F)

All fiction novels (with the exception of classic literature) are in the Reading Room, separated by genre. SF/F is the Science Fiction / Fantasy section. 

You'll also notice that this record has a "Related Reading" menu on the right side. Book records are enhanced by Syndetics Unbound, and have some extra features - these are found in Related Reading and in Explore at the bottom of the record.

Explore for this record contains the following:



Each record enhanced by Syndetics Unbound will have different options, but this example has: Summary, About the Author, Series, Reader Reviews, Tags, Book Profile, and Shelf Browse. These options are designed to give you information about the book and author, suggestions for other similar titles (in the same series, by the same author or in the same genre), and allow you to virtually browse the library shelf.

Syndetics Unbound also populates for eBooks, DVDs and some streaming videos.


Saving Records

You are able to save records and searches from Page 1+ in your library account. This applies to both physical and electronic material


Saving items your folders:

Search in Page 1+ for your items. You can save any record to your folders, including physical and ebooks, articles, journals, DVDs, online (streaming) videos, equipment, course reserves and more.

Please note: If you have a yellow bar on your search results page (as shown by the screenshot below) you are not signed in. You will still be able to save items to a temporary list, however you will lose this after 30 minutes of inactivity, or if you navigate to a new website.
You can sign in by clicking "Sign In" in the top left corner.



The pin button  beside each record allows you to add the item to your folders.

The record will turn yellow, and the pin button will change from the "add the item" button to a "remove the item" button: 

Your results page will look like this:



Anytime you have a record that is added to one of your folders, it will show up as yellow in the search results (as shown in the screenshot above)

To view your folder, click the Pin button near the top left:


"My Favourites" looks like the following:



As the user in the screenshot is not signed in, the folder is temporary, and will only allow a basic "My Favourites" folder.

Signed in users have the option for add labels to their items, and further categorize them for ease of use:




Saving queries/searches to your folders 

In order to save a search, you will need to be logged in. This option is not available for guest users.

For this example, a search for course reserves within a specific course (NRT134) is shown:


Just underneath the search bar, the Pin button says "Save Query". This allows you to save your search, not necessarily the items within it. If the items change, so will this saved search. In this example, if the professor for NRT134 has more items added to the course, they will show up on the saved search.


When you save the query, a yellow bar will appear at the top saying if the search was successful, and allows you to turn on notifications for the search. This will send an email to your Sault College account when the search changes - as above, if the NRT134 professor adds a new course reserve, you will receive an email saying the search has been updated.

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