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Page 1+ - How to Find a Book

Searching the Library Catalogue 

All library resources can be found through the Page 1+ box on our website. The default search bar for Page 1+ searches everything the library has to offer. The following has instructions for searching just the library catalogue - books, ebooks, DVDs, magazines and other items in the library.



Our catalogue can be accessed through Page 1+, under "Advanced Search". This is the first link underneath the default search bar.

Once in Page 1+, you will see the Advanced Search box. You'll want to select "Library Catalogue" under Search for


Under "Search Filters" type in your search term(s) where indicated above. If desired, select the appropriate field from the drop down at the beginning of the row (Any Field, Title, Author/Creator, Subject or ISSN). You can also narrow your search with the selections on the right. 

The top filter on the left is Material Type. This is where you can narrow results to a specific format (eg. books vs DVDs), if you don't choose a single item type, this will search all catalogue record types (books, ebooks, DVDs, streaming video, magazines, graphic novels and equipment).

Hit the Search button when you're all set.



Browse the search results and click on the title for additional details, such as summaries, related reading, etc.   

All items will show "Available" or "Not Available" at the bottom of their listing in the results page.

For print material (records 1 and 3 in the screenshot above), it will list "Available at" and show the library, location and call number (in brackets). This is where you can find the item in our library. Both examples above show "Sault College Library" and "STACKS" - this is the 3rd floor shelving in the library. 

For eResources (record 2 in the screenshot above), it will list "Available Online". Clicking this will bring you directly to the database links for accessing the eBook. 



To further narrow your results, use the drop-down filters on the left-hand side of the screen to include or exclude material/features. 

The Availability filter will allow you to search just print or just eResources.

  • Select "Held by the Library" for Print Material
  • Select "Available Online" for eResources





Searching for books on the shelves

Note: the books are arranged on the shelf from left to right, top to bottom.


Look for the Call Number sticker on the bottom of the book’s spine. 

Once you have found your item you can sign it out with Library Staff. You must have your student card to sign items out. 

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