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Adding Articles to LMS

Copyright:  The license agreements for our databases and e-resources do not permit the text or pdf versions of articles to be copied and uploaded into learning management software or other webpages but “persistent links” can be used in LMS to provide students with access to the articles within the databases and e-resources. After clicking on a persistent link in LMS, students will be prompted to log in as a valid Sault College user and they will receive direct access to the article you’ve selected.

Persistent Links:  The address that appears in your browser when you are viewing an article in a database or e-resource is unique to your logged in session – in many cases you cannot copy and paste this URL into LMS. A persistent link is an article-specific URL that is provided by the database or e-resource. It is stable and it won’t change over time. Look for sharing options and features such as permalinks, document URLs, and digital object identifiers – these URLs are the persistent links that you can copy and paste into LMS. 

How to Guides:

Find Persistent Links in Databases


Where to Find Persistent Links

Database Persistent Link Location on Web Page Referred to as
Ebsco Right  Permalink
Gale Top
OVID Top “Email Jumpstart”
Proquest Bottom of “Abstract/Details” tab Document URL
Access Engineering Regular URL URL
Access Science Top Share icon - "Link" button
Audio Cine Film (ACF) Regular URL URL
Birds of the World Bottom Link within “Recommended Citation”
Britannica Academic & Image Quest Regular URL URL
Canada Commons Center Share Link - Email
Canadian Encyclopedia Right  Regular web page URL
CanLII Top Regular web page URL
Criterion Regular URL URL
CSA Top right Share button
Curio Below video
Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) Top Regular web page URL
DLI Bottom Share this page link 
eBook Central Below book title pg. or above book pages

Below book title pg. 

Above book pgs. share link 

Films on Demand Bottom - Embed/Link – Record or Segment URL
Flipster Top right of Journal landing page Share button - Persistent link
Free Medical Journals Regular URL Regular web page URL
IBISWorld Top Regular web page URL
Interactive Human Anatomy Below slide Link to activity or link to slide tab - link
Irwin Law Book Archive Top right Share button
JoVE Top Regular web page URL
Kanopy Below video Share button - Share link appears below video
Mindscape Commons Right of video Share button
NFB Top Regular web page URL
Press Reader Text view - Front page Share button
PubMed/PubMed Central Regular URL Regular web page URL
Rehabilitation Reference 
Bottom Persistent Link to this Record (Permalink)
Safety Hub Bottom of video Specific video - More info button - Embed button
Statista Regular URL URL
Transparent Language Top right Tool Cog - Shareable link on lesson/test page 
Wiley Journals Top right Share button

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