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Creating a Journal Alert in Page1+

Creating a Journal Alert Using A-Z

If you know the title of the Journal you would like an alert for:

1. From the Sault College Library Homepage ( click “Journals” underneath the Page 1+ search bar.


2. From the Page 1+ Journal Search, enter the title of the journal you're looking for and click the magnifying glass: 



3. Select the proper journal (if more than one is listed) and wait for the journal record to open. 



4. The journal record under "View Online: Full text availability" contains links to different databases where you can access the journal. 



5. Look carefully at the date ranges for each database. Look for ones that do not have an end date: this shows that the database is updated with new journal issues. The example below is one to avoid - it has an end date, will no longer be updating, and won't produce any alerts.



6. You will be brought to the individual Journal Page (within the selected database). This page will contain information about the journal, including publication information, a description of the journal, and links to all available issues.  

If the title is found in an EBSCO, Proquest or Gale database it will be possible to create an alert. (If the title is only available in Ovid you will have the option to create an RSS feed.) 

Creating Journal Alerts in Ebsco, Proquest & Gale


If selecting an Ebsco database be sure to login to Ebsco in order to create an alert. Click the “Share” button, “E-mail Alert” and “Sign in”. Be sure to enter an email address you would like the alert sent to and click Save Alert. You will receive a confirmation email. 



Use the “Create alert” button in the top right-hand side of the screen. 

Proquest Journal Alert

On the next screen enter the email address you would like the alert delivered to and frequency then click “Create alert”. You will receive a confirmation email.



Use the “Create Journal Alert” link. On the next screen enter the email address you would like the alert delivered to, select the frequency and format and click “Submit”. 


4. You should receive confirmation of your newly created Journal Alert via Email. 

*If accessing remotely, you may be asked to login.

Creating Subject Alerts

Creating Subject Alerts  

It is possible to run an alert for a specific subject within Ebsco, Proquest or Gale. Once you have run a search that provides relevant results within either of those databases create the alert. (If accessing remotely, you may be asked to login.)


  1. Sign in to your Ebsco account

2. Enter your search terms and click “Create Alert”

3. On the next page enter an email and select your settings 


  1. Run a search and Click Save search/alert
  2. From the Save/Search alert link on the right name the alert, enter an email you would like the alert sent to and select what you would like included. 



  1. Run a search and click the Search Alert link at the top of the screen.

  1. Select email and enter an email address you would like the alert sent to. Select the frequency, enter your birth year, agree to the Terms of Use and hit Create Alert. 

Gale Journal Alert

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