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Page 1+ is the library search tool that gives you easy access to our collections. With its intuitive design and powerful engine, it empowers our students to complete their assignments more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

We want to ensure you are prepared for Page 1+, so please consider the following activities and update your learning material as needed.

For more information about Page 1+, see this overview of Page 1+



Check Links to Library Material

With the Sirsi Enterprise and EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) retirement, be sure all links to those two systems have been changed over to database-specific or Page 1+ links. 

For links to library catalogue items (books, dvds, and other physical material), you'll need to use a Page 1+ link

For links to eResources, we recommend using the database-specific permalinks

IMPORTANT: Old links are no longer accessible.
Permanent links created in third-party databases like EBSCO's Academic Search Premier will not be affected by this change.


Identifying Affected Links

Sirsi Enterprise: any URL starting with

EDS: any URL with either of the following formats

  1. Please look for "site=eds-live" towards the end of the URL, as other Ebsco permalinks will look similar.[.....]&site=eds-live&scope=site
  2. Any URL starting with:


Creating Resource Links for Your Instruction Materials

Library Catalogue Links

After searching Page 1+, click on a book title that you want.

You will see the item's record view, which has more information about the item and tools for citation, exporting, and creating permanent links.

If you want to link to a resource in your instruction materials, just click on PERMALINK and copy it to the clipboard. Use that link anywhere.

Database Specific Links

Page 1+ records and permalinks can be used for eResources. However, we recommend using permalinks directly to the resource. Since each database has it own format for permalinks, please see Faculty Info - D2L Management for Persistent Linking



Check Screenshots of Library Catalogue & Library Search

Check your learning materials for screenshots of the library catalogue, search page and search results that may need to be replaced with the new Page 1+ versions.



Practice Searching

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with searching in Page 1+ to get used to this new system. After launch:

  • Practice conducting Basic and Advanced searches.
  • Practice adding limiters (date, length, author, resource type, etc.)
  • Practice running multiple searches for the same item using different search terms to see how the system responds.



Check Out Your Library Account

Investigate what you can do in Page 1+. You have your own Page 1+ account where you can save items and searches, manage your profile and perform other tasks. Try these activities:

  • Save an item to your account
  • Save a search to your account
  • Make a hold request for an item (Only for unavailable items)



Need Help?

Your library staff and faculty are here to help! If you have any trouble with the new system or need help creating new links within LMS courses, we want to hear from you.

The new system promises to be a major step forward in search capability, but we recognize that with any change like this some technical issues may arise. Please contact us for support.


Library Contact

  Text: 705-998-5954


Facebook: Sault College Library

Instagram: @saultcollegelibrary

Twitter: @RonDoyleLibrary

 Microsoft Teams: Library

Note: Microsoft Teams will require you to log in using your Sault College Microsoft Office 365 account.

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